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Four days before 9/11/01, while inspecting a Monastery in Riverdale with Engine Company 52, I met an extraordinary man, Father Peter McGrath.  Little did either of us know on that beautiful morning in September what was to happen in just a few days. Nor did we know that 9 years later we would be sharing the stage together speaking of peace 11,000 miles away in the land down under.  In May of 2010, Father Peter and his able Chief Barbara invited me to Australia.  In 7 weeks, we gave over 40 presentations across Australia to schools, church and community groups, business groups and fire departments.  Besides having Cookie the Kangaroo walk into our cottage and play scrabble with us, the highlight of my trip was speaking to the young people of Australia.  They are smart, spirited and take their education seriously.  In a country filled with natural resources, they are no doubt the greatest.  The Aussies are a hard working, independent and fun loving lot.  The Americans have always loved them, and now I know why.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Dan