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My Global Peace Journey

My Peace Journey began in 1989 when I became a volunteer for the Childrens Wish Foundation.  I escorted seriously ill children on their favorite wish.  It was, at this point, through the eyes of young children, that I learned the importance of service, not only to those around us, but to our development as well.  After working as a FDNY Fire Captain at Ground Zero, my Peace Journey continued as a speaker and Ambassador of Peace for the United States Department of State.  This incredible journey carried me from Nicaragua to Nepal and Canada to Chile.  After the invasion of Iraq, I became involved with our wounded veterans through the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans.  I learned so much about true grit from these authentic American Heroes.  I had the privilige to spend time with them as they traveled across the United States and abroad to particpate in marathons with their canes and wheelchairs and handcycles.  It was through these efforts that my foundation, FireFighters For Humanity, was born.  Wherever we would travel, I would reach out to the local firefighters to lend a hand.   The worldwide family of firefighters has been so helpful in supporting not only The Freedom Team, but all people with disabilities.  Although I am still involved with the aforementioned outreaches, my principal focus now is speaking to young people about living a happier and more succesful life.  It is through their eyes that we can see the vision of a new world, where peace and not war is the norm.

In the following tab, Peace Journey Photos, I have chronicled my Peace Journey from the "Wishes" of yesterdays children to the classrooms of tomorrows adults, from a neo-natal intensive care unit, where so much energy is used to preserve life, to the killing factory of Auswitch, where so much energy was used to destroy it.  It has been a road filled with emotion, adventure and incredible people.  I hope you enjoy the photos.