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Dan Daly's programs revolve around the central theme that acts of individual initiative and teamwork can create miracles in the world.

Dan Daly's programs revolve around the lessons each of us can learn from 9/11, the FDNY culture, his work with wounded veterans,  his work in the state prison system and other unique life experiences. We learn about about the value of individual initiative, teamwork, compassion, and volunteerism. Each program is individually tailored to the needs of the particular group or organization.

He has given presentations and keynotes to corporations, government agencies, schools, universities, religious and community organizations, and world leaders.

Chief Daly is now offering a powerful presentation to teenagers entitled "The Five Keys To Success & Happiness".  In this program, Dan brings in a lifetime of stories and lessons learned as he coaches young people on violence, bullying, drug abuse, self development and inner peace.  This presentation drives home the importance of engaging in behaviors that will bring lasting success and happiness.  This program is offered free of charge to young people both inside and outside of the Untied States.

Program titles have included:
"Staying Positive in a Changed World" - MPI - NJ Chapter
"Teamwork Makes Safety Champions" - North Carolina Safety and Health Council
"9/11 - The Lessons We Can Learn" - United States Department of State
"What the World Needs" - The University of Caracus
"The Value of Teamwork" - Los Gattos, CA, City Council
"Where from Here" -Capital Hill, Washington, D.C.
"The Culture of The FDNY"  Duke corporate Education
"The Five Keys To Success & Happiness" High Schools aross U.S.