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Issued on 15 April 2009

Local people are being offered the chance to hear, first hand, from A senior fire officer who responded to Ground Zero on the morning of 11 September 2001 when the city's 'twin towers' were brought to the ground.

What Captain Daly saw that day changed his life forever. The true legacy for him was one of teamwork, compassion, and the power of the human spirit. And it is this legacy which has led him to share his message of peace, hope and tolerance around the world, with the aim of helping to prevent acts like that ever happening again.

Now the Mayors of Newbury and Thatcham, together with the Berkshire Fire Authority, are inviting the public to an audience with Dan Daly here in West Berkshire. Admission is free, places must be booked in advance.

Dan Daly has given presentations to more than 90 cities across the globe, at the request of the United States Department of State. The talks have included  topics such as anti-terrorism, fire safety, tolerance, leadership, and the need for all nations to work together for peace.

On that tragic day of 11 September, Dan lost 343 fellow fire-fighters. He had joined the fire department of New York in 1973. Following his retirement in 2002, he has volunteered his time working with the Children's Wish Foundation, prison ministries, and disabled American veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. His latest initiative is focused on grammar and high school students, where he speaks on leadership and responsibility, as well as avoidance of violence, drugs and alcohol.

There is no admission charge to Dan's talk at the Frank Hutchings Community Hall, Thatcham on 17 April, but those wanting to attend must book their place in advance by contacting Thatcham Town Council, Brownsfield Road, Thatcham RG18 3HF. Tel: (01635) 863592. Email:

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