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Former New York Fire Chief, Dan Daly Commemorates 9/11 September 12, 2005

Former Battalion Chief of the New York Fire Department and U.S. national hero Dan Daly helped honor those who perished in 9/11 and in terrorist attacks around the globe by participating in a number of events in Hungary, including a talk at the American Corner in Veszprém.

Fire Chief Daly came to Hungary as the U.S. Embassy-sponsored speaker. On September 12, Chief Daly presented a lecture on tolerance and the human spirit in the wake of 9/11 to an overflow crowd of more than 100 persons at the American Corner in Veszprém. Through a slide show of 9/11 images, Chief Daly spoke of the horrors, challenges, and heartbreaks at Ground Zero. The lecture (and accompanying State Department exhibit "After September 11: Images from Ground Zero") was the first-ever event for the Veszprem Corner. Included in the large crowd were a number of firefighters as well as the chiefs of the city and county fire squads. The presentation included a gift exchange between Daly and the local firefighters and a question and answer session.

Chief Daly's New York delegation included Mary Bryant, Director of Achilles, a worldwide organization that encourages people with all kinds of disabilities to participate in running with the general public. Since 9/11, Achilles has expanded its service to people with disabilities to include many of the soldiers wounded in the global war on terrorism.

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