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Variety - The Childrens Charity of Buffalo & Western New York recently invited Chief Dan Daly to join us here in Buffalo for the week of September 11, 2009.  Chief Daly motivated our public through his inspiring speeches and touching stories of his involvement in the 9/11 rescue efforts, as well as being our featured guest during the annual "Celebrate America" festival this past September 11th.

Chief Daly spoke to many groups, from elementary school children to high school students, VFW members, Senior Citizens and was even featured on "A.M. Buffalo," a live televison show on our local ABC affiliate.  During each appearance, Chief Daly tailored his speeches to each specific audience, spreading his inspirational message of courage and positive spirit to thousands of Western New Yorkers of all ages.

Variety looks forward to having Chief Daly join us at the end of March 2010, to be part of our annual Variety Kids Telethon.  We could'nt have wished for a more sincere, caring and cherished friend than that we have found in Chief Dan Daly


Carol A. McMahon

Chief Barker
Variety - The Childrens Charity of Buffalo & Western New York