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Dr. Elizabeth Moran - Executive Trainer - 9/17/09

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September 17, 2009

I am writing this letter on behalf of Dan Daly, consultant, public speaker and extraordinary human being. I met Dan when he worked as a consultant for me at Lehman Brothers. He was brought on to help us develop our top Vice President talent, and he did a fantastic job. He was responsible for helping facilitate sessions on developing passion for your work and being a strong team member to support excellent results.

Dan's presentation included:
• An organized outline/presentation articulating key attributes and behaviors to be successful
• Clear, candid stories to clarify examples and engage his audience
• A simulated activity that helped participants learn more about their strengths and challenges as leaders and team members, followed by a Q&A to help integrate and apply learning

Dan brings tremendous enthusiasm, knowledge, dedication and humor to his work, making him a skilled facilitator and speaker. He was a great partner, particularly because of his focus on making sure I, as his client, was getting the results I wanted, and also because of his interest in receiving feedback that could improve participants' learning experience. Additionally, Dan is totally committed to his own development, something that makes him unique and able to continually seek knowledge, adapt best-practices and improve the quality of his skills and capabilities.

I highly recommend Dan, and would be happy to speak with prospective clients to offer additional information.