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Eric Blodgett - Lakeshore Highschool 10/20/09

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Chief Dan Daly - A true hero for the city of New York, students, educators, and communities around the world!

In the spring of 2009, the Lake Shore High School Bands took an amazing tour to the greatest city on earth, New York City.  While developing the tour, it was very important to me that it wasn't the typical student tour with cattle line eateries and the usual tourist traps.  I wanted substance.  I wanted to make sure that our students were exposed to, and experienced the fine arts, the city's great history, culture, and some of the more humbling moments;  specifically the World Trade Center Bombing of September 11, 2001.

After a great deal of research and discussion with those who keep education at the forefront, a suggestion was made;  contact Chief Dan Daly, an expert on the 9/11 tragedy and a speaker who can relate to all generations.  This suggestion turned out to be one of the most valuable and greatest aspects of our tour.

Chief Daly spoke to our group of 200 students, teachers, chaperones, and parents one morning early in our tour.  By the end of his presentation it was apparent that this short period of time would be an experience that would last forever for our group.  Chief Daly spoke of the lessons we all could learn from the 9/11 tragedy.  He reminded our group of the value of today and the potential of tomorrow.  He implored our students to be appreciative and thankful for what they have and how fortunate they really are.  His message of peace and hope resounded through our group that morning in such a way that when our students were given the choice of 3 hours in Times Square, or 3 hours at the World Trade Center Tribute Center, the students chose to spend their free time in respectful remembrance and refection of that tragic event in our history.

Chief Daly's presentation had such an impact that I arranged to bring him back to our school to present to our entire student body.  Once again, the response was overwhelming.  We were also able to arrange a special evening engagement where Chief Daly could present, to a more mature audience, the specifics of that tragic day.  These presentations were done with integrity and professionalism.  Extra awareness was given to the age and maturity levels of each audience.  And his message was thorough, efficient, and extremely affective.

The effect that Chief Dan has had on me personally, on my students, school, and community is profound.  Without any reservation, I would highly recommend having Chief Dan address your group or making him part of your event.  His message will last a lifetime.

                                                                                                      Eric Blodgett

                                                                                                      Lake Shore High School

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